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714 Burlap Fabric

Ideas on how to use burlap material:

how to make a burlap tote

burlap coasters

gift packaging with burlap

burlap cushion

Ring pillow 

 Burlap sachet

Burlap is like gunny sack fabric. Some call it jute fabric.
Very natural and zakka style.
I have also share a lot of ideas on how to use burlap fabrics. You can make it into a tote bag, as gift package, coasters, cushion pillow, and many more possibility.

Width 100cm

RM32 per meter

To order, please email to


Unknown said...

Is this item still available?

Anonymous said...

do you have in different colours as well?

annYing said...

Do u have burlap in width 6cm?

annYing said...

Do u have burlap in width 6cm?

Unknown said...

Do you have stock still?

Pinky said...

really cool products !! , I also wanted to know the same thing how many products do you have which is still available ?

Joseph Mikel said...

Thanks for taking the time to share this article here about the burlap fabric. Your collection of burlap crafts is very beautiful and I liked all. Keep sharing this type of interesting articles here.

Laura bush said...

I read your blog and i found it very interesting and useful blog for me.burlap fabric

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