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594 E6000®

The famous craft glue.
E6000 is the glue in original colour suitable for all your crafting needs. E6000 is a unique adhesive formulated to meet high-performance industrial requirements. It adhere to more surfaces than virtually any other adhesive. E6000 has exceptional adhesion to wood, metal, glass, fiberglass, ceramics, masonry, and concrete. Because it is abrasion-resistant, E6000 may be used on high-wear surfaces. E6000 maintains its flexible bond in cold temperatures and may be used to bond items subject to vibration. This adhesive dries on clear, making it an exceptional craft adhesive. The clear E6000 is not formulated for exposure to sunlight.

Commonly used surface to surface applications are:
clay pottery / rocks / sea shells
beads/ fabric
ceramic / wood
glass / metal

For more details on this glue, read here

RM30.80 [110 ml] can use for very very long period of time



XOXO said...

hi, i wanna ask if i opened the glue, then i keep it. will it get harden like UHU glue?
hope to hear from you soon!

Bake Bliss said...

Can I use this glue on leather crafts? For example, when I need to glue two pieces of leather together as bag handle. Thanks

JellyBLifes said...

how much postage??

Fabric Fanatics said...

Postage RM6

Unknown said...

Hello... how can I order this glue E6000 I really badly needed it pls responce.. thanks

Fabric Fanatics said...

Hi Maris, I don't know how to response to you since you did not leave any contact details. What is your email? Or you can email to

taufiqyusof said...

have stock for this e6000?

taufiqyusof said...

this is my email. i would love to hear you respond. tq.

walids said...

Hi, does this glue comes with the nozzle? Thanks

AMMIR said...

i wish to stick rhinestone studs sequins on fabric...most glue will leave a noticible stain at the back so the stone or sequin will loose its sparkle or shine due to the glue stain whn it dries....

Does this glue do the same ? have it been tested?i need to know thnks .any samples or picture of the glue used on rhinestones or sequin?

kindly email me at thanks will wait fr the reply

Unknown said...

hi, Do you still have in stock?

Unknown said...
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