Fabrics, Buttons, Lace, Accessories, Craft Supplies and Material.

F1.31, Level 1, Summit USJ Mall,
Jalan Kewajipan, USJ 1
Selangor 47600, Malaysia


Sewing Workshop


To order/enquiry
Email to :
or sms/call : 012-6222074 (Watsapp available)

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Shop Policies


Thank you for stopping by at my fabric catalogue. I hope you had a fun time exploring these beautiful fabrics as much as I adored choosing the designs. I will make the serious stuff as brief as possible, not much terms and conditions, just have fun and but lets be nice with each other. :)

Connect with us

Twitter : @fabricfanatics
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You can pay with online banking:
Public Bank

If you're paying via online banking, please cc the transaction to
If you're doing manual transaction (via ATM machine), please scan and email me the receipt or if you're transferring from your own account, give me your account number, so that I can check.

I will only ship out your order once I receive the payment.

International Order
I accept payment through Paypal.
For postage, it depends on how much you order.
Do email me to arrange.

Postage & Delivery
Postage is per order, not per fabric.

Registered Pos (Pos Berdaftar)
RM2-RM5 (depend on weight)
Delivery day is around 3-5 days

Pos Laju
West Malaysia : Flat rate RM6
East Malaysia : Flat rate RM8

Free Delivery
For purchase over RM100

Refunds and Exchanges

Strictly no refund if you do not like the fabric, but you can exchange for another design. Please email me for exchange, I will only resend when I receive the fabric back from you. Can only exchange one time.
I am flexible with refunds and exchange. If the fabric was torn during delivery, or I send a wrong one, or if I made a mistake, I am more than happy to refund or exchange. Don't worry, we could work something out.


雪仁 said...


I would like to check with you regarding the shipping charges. The flat rate of RM6 (Pos Laju) is charged per fabric or per order?


Kelly said...

Hello 雪仁

This is per order, not per fabric :)

Anonymous said...

hello, would like to ask do u accept public bank as well?

Kii said...

Now accepting public bank :)

Anonymous said...

hi, do u accept cimb?

hikariblup said...

hello, do u accept paypal and do u ship to france? if u do, how much does it costs?

Fabric Fanatics said...

Hi hikariblup, yes I accept Paypal and I do ship to France. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, I would like to order but what are the process? Thank you :)

Anonymous said...

hello.. i'm from indonesia (jakarta), i want to order your fabric.. can you let me know how cost the shipping to indonesia (jakarta).. and how long it take?

Fabric Fanatics said...

Yes, I do ship to Indonesia. Postage is around RM10-15, depends on how much you order. Please email me.

Wein said...

Izzit free delivery to sarawak also if I purchase more than RM100?

adianadol7412 said...

mcm mne nk order

J. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
J. said...

Erm, can i know how much it cost for shipping to brunei and limbang?

Fabric Fanatics said...

Depends on how much you order (weight). I will estimate the shipping price and let you know. Please email me your order.


幸福原来很简单! said...

Hello, may i know your shop still open in USJ 19?
bse i want go there for look some fabric...can?

Fabric Fanatics said...

Hi 幸福原来很简单, Yes still open everyday at USJ 19. :)

Ice said...

Accept Credit card for payment?

summerlovin' said...

hi, can a have the sample chart?

inogawa said...

how much if I order ~ 1kg fabric to Vietnam?

rose said...

discount only for cotton? how about linen and others?

Anonymous said...

HI. Must i pay extra if i'm paying cash on delivery ?

Jacquelyn Ho said...

Hello, emailed you on free sample chart :)

Anonymous said...

patty dahle
please forgive me but, I am from the USA and I don't understand the prices. Can you tell me how much a meter of washable kraft paper fabric is in US dollars?
thank you

Nia Ain said...

hello want to buy 846 Ribbons Grab Bag

Anonymous said...

Do you accept payment by wang pos?

April Wong said...

Do you accept payment by wang pos?

Anonymous said...

Hello, could you please tell me what is your address?

Fabric Fanatics said...

Address is
Fabric Fanatics
F1.31, Level 1, Summit USJ Mall
Jalan Kewajipan, USJ 1
47600 Subang Jaya

Bipolar Bunny said...

Hi, i'm just asking, do you have velvet fabric :) thank you

Anonymous said...

Hi, can I walk in to your shop and buy instead of buying the online?

nazrinash said...

Hi , do you accept online banking from bank islam?

Anonymous said...

Do you have chiffon? :)

Anonymous said...

how to order fabric and other accessories materials?

chopy said...

Do you have plush fabric that make the soft toy?

Anonymous said...

Hi,.. how long will it take to make order and then delivery?

Tan SZ said...

Hi, do you sell Velcro sheets? I find Velcro tapes everywhere but not sheet. If you don't have it, can you tell me where I can find it please?

Thank you

Anonymous said...

Hi , I am looking to buy some craft felt for my table , approx. size I need is (90 cm x 120 cm) or
3ft x 4ft plus postage to Penang can you help me Thanks

Anonymous said...

Where to get your account number if I pay through bank-in method ? :)

cik moe said...

can i buy direct at ur shop?

Keane said...

I would like to check, if you have Dark Brown Monk cloth, locally?

Daniel said...

Do u accept credit card?

Unknown said...

Do you have silk fabric for sale?

Unknown said...

Do you have silk fabric for sale?

momof2girls said...

Hello is there the shipping to Turkey?
İs there shipping cost or customs duty?

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